Welcome to Life Enhancement Tree.com *  Metatronican Labs proudly introduces the "Tree of Life Chip." This is a product that will revolutionize the human experience. Begin the journey towards a new tommorrow by taking the first step today. 


Life Enhancement Technology

Like a makeover for your life!




"Science has made it possible to enhance human life and take man into the next step of his evolution!"

Rosa Mendleson, PHD
Chief Administrator & Nanotechnologist for Metatronican Labs


Technological Advances have now enabled mankind to reach the next step in his evolution. Metatronican Labs patented Medical, Financial, Entertainment, and Wireless Communication Systems can provide a quality of life that is unprecendented in human experience. Human trials in Grenoble France and around the globe have proven this technology to be a powerful tool in protecting and securing human life and potential.  Please join us on a tour of Life Enhancement Technology as we introduce you to the future of human development. 


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